Science Based Six Pack Review

Science Based Six Pack is the sequel of Six Pack Shortcuts which has been discontinued.

Most of us have struggled with weight loss at some point in our lives. Whether you are skinny and trying to put on weight, or over weight trying to lose weight we all have tried various diet plans and fitness regimes in order to achieve our goals.

Many of us have attained our levels of weight loss and have reached higher levels in order to achieve lean and muscular bodies along with a six pack to go with it. It might not be very difficult for many people to lose weight, but the difficult part is when you have to maintain that weight and when you want to build muscle. This is where most people struggle with expensive gym memberships and high end trainers and still are unable to attain their goals.

With the society laying more and more emphasis on overall looks and the physique it is becoming a big ideal for most of us to look good. It is a whole industry of the fitness fads that are earning from people like us who are willing to do and to pay anything in order to have their perfect bodies.

How to achieve the perfect body

Having the goal to achieve the perfect body is different for everyone and many a times people put their health in the back seat, simply trying to achieve a six pack no matter what it takes. Many people then resort to taking steroids as well as other chemicals in order to have quick fat loss and build muscle. Such things however are not practical and difficult to maintain in the long term.

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The review incorporates intermittent fasting and has been prepared by performance coach Thomas DeLauer is the perfect answer to such dilemmas as it focuses on fat loss, along with a lean muscular body that can be achieved in practical terms and that can be maintained over time. Most importantly, all of this can be achieved at a fraction of the price that may be charged by other fitness centers.

What is this program all about?

The program is ideal for those people who want to have a body that they can maintain for the long term. It is the program sequel of the all time best seller Six Pack Shortcuts program of Mike Chang. This program incorporates a science based plan based on intermittent fasting that has been developed by scientists for the users to lose the body fat that is unwanted and to improve their overall health. It is developed according to the needs of man that are outlined by scientists with their nutritional requirements that can help build a six pack along with a healthy body. The brains behind this diet and fitness program is Thomas DeLauer who is the founder of this diet and fitness plan.

Who is Thomas DeLauer?

thomas delauer on iron man

Thomas Delauer on Iron Man

Thomas DeLauer is the founder of this great program and he has shared his own story of his transformation that has led him to develop a special plan from which others can also benefit. He is a well-known fitness trainer and a model in America and he is also popular for his writings on the inflammation in the human body. The author is also a body builder as well as a long distance runner and holds a certificate for a fitness trainer of a high level from NSCA that is the National Strength and conditioning Association.

The plan that he has developed is quite simple and straightforward and based on the foundation of medical grounds. According to him, the timings of the meals that a person takes throughout the day and the kind of meal they take has the most impact on their health and also on their fitness levels. This fitness and diet plan that he recommends is the result of a rigorous research from his own weight loss story.

Who is this program for?

This unique program is for anyone and everyone who is looking for a lifestyle change that can be achievable and that is easy to do. It focuses on everything that is right and things that we know already, yet we do not implement them in our daily lives.

How does this plan work?

The program is about healthy eating and having an exercise routine. In a nutshell, it is an eating plan that is quite simple to follow and it tells people when is the best time to eat and when they should not eat. The whole emphasis is on the timings and the duration. The program is about letting the body spend more time fasting than eating. The other main feature of this plan is not to eat late at night since the body can not burn fat while you are sleeping. These two basic elements make up this program that are quite achievable and something that can actually become a part of your lifestyle that is healthy and easy to maintain.

The way it works is that it is first able to stabilize the blood sugar levels in the person’s body which makes their digestive system work less and it allows the system to rest more. This way, the body becomes better at burning more fat.

What the program is all about

This plan is all about giving you the type of body you want. It is about making your dreams come true if you have been trying hard to get a lean and muscular body along with a six pack. The plan includes having a Shred Fats Workout Course along with 3 supplements that are to be taken for a month. The other part is about the fasting practices. Here you can watch our video review:

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The Shred Fast Workout

This includes body training videos for home that allows the users to attain the fitness level that they want. All of the videos have a demonstration that is live so that people can understand how to do a particular exercise and how it should be followed along with the fasting techniques. Moreover along with this, there are also 3 supplements that should be taken along with this regime for about 30 days. These supplements help the body to achieve the optimal metabolism. The supplements are safe to use and have gone over clinical trials and are produced specifically to help people lose the stubborn body fat. These supplements are included in the package as a bonus item and are absolutely free of cost!


Science Based Six Pack Review

Science Based Six Pack Review

This means the user would have to go without food for an extended time period. The second phase of this program is intermittent fasting techniques that are not very difficult to achieve, as the user gets used to it. Initially, one might feel lethargic or fatigued with the fasting process or might feel perplexed whether they can actually go through it, but once however they have gone through at least 2-3 days, they can actually overcome their hunger pangs and become comfortable with the concept of intermittent fasting.

Furthermore, the users get a master fasting course in an electronic format which is equipped with about ten delicious recipes for meals and for desserts that the user can make for themselves when they break their fast at the end of the day.

Even though there are absolutely no restrictions on what they can eat and what they cannot eat, the best and the healthiest recipes are encouraged that will help boost the energy levels and stimulate the fat burning process. Intermittent fasting process is not just great for losing fat and getting a lean body, but it is also great for the overall health and has numerous benefits if one adopts it as a lifestyle change. It is however, recommended that the users who have diabetes or blood pressure should consult their doctors before starting on with this diet.

The program bonus has:

  • Alpha Meal
  • Men’s Elite-Krill Oil
  • Alpha Armor

The typical meals timings of this program

  • Starting the day of early at 7 a.m. by skipping the usual breakfast and only having a cup of coffee or two.
  • By 10 a.m you should be building up your hydration levels by drinking lemon and water that is quite effective in suppressing the appetite.
  • Skip the lunch that you normally have at 12 p.m. so that you can have high productivity throughout the day.
  • By 4 p.m. is the time to break your fast by eating a small snack that contains the required nutrients that are good for burning the fat. You can now start the 8 hour long process where you can eat.
  • Dinner time should be by 7:30 pm where you should be replenishing your body with a great meal which is whatever you want to eat and it is all free of guilt! It can be your favorite food at home or even at your favorite restaurant!
  • From 9 pm onwards to 12 a.m. you can stay up and enjoy all your favorite foods and drinks all that you want.
all you get with science based six pack

That’s all you get with science based six pack

So what makes this diet different?

Most people might just brush the idea of this intermittent fasting as a dieting fad. However this is not the case as many people have benefitted from this concept which has existed for centuries.

  • The idea of intermittent fasting has been promoted for a large range of health benefits as well as for overall management of a person’s weight. It is also really good for cellular repair, for improving the functions of the brain, the immunity levels and it is also good for increasing one’s life span.
  • This type of fasting is also quite known for being a healthy way of life that helps to completely change and to transform the mechanism in the body that makes the person burn fat on his own.
  • This diet is proven to make the user lose quite a significant amount of weight pretty quickly. Many individuals also claimed to have lost belly fat using this diet.
  • This fasting is not really a diet since you get to eat all your regular food and only the quantity or the portions are reduced. It can be considered as a plan which tells you when to eat and when not to eat.
  • This diet is especially for those who are serious about improving their health and losing their excess weight.


  • This is completely science based

This program is well researched and has been formulated after extensive research to provide the users a safe and an effective method of losing fat quickly and in a healthy way.

  • Practical

The Science Based Six Pack program has a lot of features to incorporate weight loss effectively and in a healthy manner that can also be maintained.

  • Free supplements

The users get a thirty day supply of supplements free of cost as a bonus item that is made especially for boosting the fat burning process.

  • It is convenient

This program by Thomas DeLauer is quite convenient and easy to follow. It is quite simple where no calorie counts have to be followed.

  • Meal Plans

The meal plan that is provided by him can be followed by anyone since it is online and accessible from anywhere. Moreover, the meal plan that is included in the program has simple meals and the ingredients are available everywhere.

  • Unique exercise regime

The program also has a great exercise plan that is especially formulated to complement the plan and allows the users to make the most of burning their fat.

  • Lifestyle change

This plan allows the users to have an overall lifestyle change that is great for the health and has numerous other benefits as well.


  • Patience

This program will probably not work for everyone as it requires a lot of patience to follow this plan to obtain the results.

  • Doctor consultation

Since this program requires intermittent fasting, the people who are suffering from low blood pressure and diabetes should consult their doctors before following this plan.

  • Adjustment is required

It will probably take time for you to get adjusted with the new eating time that is only at night.

Various FAQ’s

Fatigue and Tiredness

Many people who want to try this method of fat loss and to ultimately get the best abs many a times are perplexed whether they should be following the fasting method or whether they would have the energy to go through the whole day. While many people actually feel symptoms like brain fog, fatigue and the inability to stay focused on a task due to the fluctuations in their blood sugars daily, studies have shown that the process of intermittent fasting can actually release a hormone that is called Noradrenalin which is also known as flight or the fight hormone that helps to keep the mind in an alert state and helps to sharpen the focus and to contribute towards a higher levels of energy throughout the day.

Furthermore, with a low level of fat burning hormone and an increased level of the hormone noradrenalin, when working together, helps to increase the breaking down of the fat of the body and helps to use for increased levels of energy.

How to fight hunger pangs

Many others are scared to try the new diet plan where they are scared that they will end up feeling the hunger pangs throughout the day if they stay hungry. While many wonder whether they can stay hungry for long periods of time or not need not to worry as this method is basically cutting back on the calories for short period of time. When you are doing so, it actually affects the body in a positive manner and helps to better the lifestyle. Eventually, over time the body adjusts to the new mechanism and you will stop feeling the need to have food during the fasting period.

Why choose Science Based Six Pack?

The best part about this plan is that it is a convenient and easy way to obtain the lean body that you’ve always wanted with exercises that can be easily done at home and in fact almost anywhere! Moreover there is also an offer if you decide to purchase this today. Not only do you get a video series along with a printable ebook you also get a fast track as well as a base track fasting plan that you can follow which depends upon the results that you require. Furthermore, it does get better, as all of this is available only at a price of $97 which was previously for $297! It is definitely a great offer that yields results and is value for money.


Delauer’s program is actually quite effective and works really well if you are able to follow it to the core. The diet plan is actually quite healthy and nutritious for weight loss. The methods and the techniques are all natural with pills that are safe to use and methods that are secure. Moreover, this program helps to cater to all types of people with all kinds of schedules to want to lose weight effectively and want to make a lifestyle change.

This program can be accessed from anywhere through a computer and an internet connection and this makes it highly convenient and easy to follow. This has worked great for most people who have benefitted from this plan and most of the people have praised it for letting them eat what they want and there is no need to starve yourself to get the body that you want! Finally this also includes great and effective supplements to be used for an entire month which gives the positive results that you seek.

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    i use to follow six pack shortcuts program (the one from mike chang i mean). This new program is kind of more adapted to the new times let’s say hehehe more preparation from delauer… i reccomend!


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